Sunday, November 4, 2007

Halloween and Hemlock


Halloween was a good evening. I had my trick or treat candy station just right for me.

Large bucket of candy, radio/tape player with Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix playing, and my Hemlock Ring blanket to work on in between trick or treaters.


I finally finished my Hemlock Ring blanket. (Yea!!! Much Celebration!!!) Before I finished, I went Friday to get some new yarn in white to make a Hemlock for my mom (this finished one is for my grandmother) and took my blanket for show and to ask about the bind off and I'm sorta glad I did. She suggested that I frog back and do the bind off with a larger needle and much more loosely since I said how badly my wrist was hurting (I thought I might have to have some sort of therapy on it ;) ) and so that the edges of my blanket would have room to move. I did and was amazed at how much better my wrist felt.

When I took my lap blanket off the needles, it stretched out to about 31". After I washed and steam blocked and pinned it, it measures about 38" across the fan parts.

I'm really pleased with this project. I wish it had been a little larger, but I must admit that I was growing tired of how slow the outer rings were becoming to knit. When your row/round is over 500 stitches, it just takes a while to knit it. My next one will have 5 rows of knit stitch in between pattern rows instead of just 4. Hopefully that will add the width that I want.

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tonni said...

BEAUTIFUL! I've yet to block mine :) This is such a wonderful project.