Friday, June 29, 2007


Well it happened. Bad luck came in 3s. First as you know it was the air conditioner, then there was the washing machine and then the garbage disposal. The air conditioner had to be replaced. Luckily, we only had to replace the outside part that was broken which saved us mucho money. Then the washing machine was leaking water into the catch pan (which of course was flimsy and a little cracked). Another lucky thing, it was just the pump which was a relatively inexpensive item to replace (heck, that "service" just to come to your house fee was half the bill). And finally, last night the garbage disposal made a horrible noise and locked up. After much mutter cussing (my mom was here) and working out the allen wrench situation, it was fixed by my husband with the price of sweat and elbow grease. I will be knocking harder on the wood that we are at an end of our bad luck run.

Knitting -

Urgggg... I thought I was off to a good start on my second sock when I realized my pattern problem. I said to my self that it was OK that I could frog back. Well no, apparently I can't. It just looked like a scary mess to me.

So, I cut the yarn and began again. I have picked up the stitches for the one side and will be working on the foot part later.

I also have a dish cloth on my needles (it's for my sister) to practice my gauge for the Dish Rag Tag. Usually I'm not too concerned about the size of a dishcloth (if it's bigger than my hand and washes it's good with me), but for the tag game it needs to be 9 inches square.

Reading -

I am rereading a series I love by David Webber - the Honor Harrington Series. It is a SciFi series all about God, Country and personal honor. I feel that everyone (appropriate for all ages) who reads should give this series a chance. Baen publishing ( gives everyone a chance to do just that with their free library. The first two books in this series On Basilisk Station and The Honor of the Queen are available in their free ebook library as well as many others. I will say that sometimes there is much technical talk/explanation in the books about ships and size and drives and impeller signatures that unless you like that type of math information you can just skip over and it does not affect the story at all. Also, those who are cat people will doubly enjoy this series for Honor Harrington's treecat companion. A wonderful creature that I wish I could have.

Family -

My mom made an unexpected visit yesterday for an overnight stay. She was supposed to fly to San Antonio yesterday morning to visit my sister Anna to help her set up her new house and her flight was canceled and she was given a new flight time of this morning (don't ask me why such a long delay). So instead of going home to Gadsden, she stayed with me. My mom has no hobbies except for cleaning - she loves to clean. I have hobbies so I'm not so much for the clean all the time and not sit & read or sit & knit or sit & listen to a book while knitting. Can you see that it might make me feel just a little guilty to be showing my mom my knitting stuff while she's cleaning some dishes by hand at my sink (by the way, those dishes go in the dishwasher perfectly well and were just waiting their turn). Oh well, differences aside - I love my mom and I think she's the best.


Alaina said...

Hoping your bad luck is over...I hate dealing with appliances (or cars)

Your socks look great - too bad for the "frogging"

Rodrigo said...

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goosefairy said...

One of your dishrag tag team mates here!

Thanks for the link to the Sci-Fi ebooks. I'm always looking for an ebook site to add to my library. I'll definitely give the two books by Weber a try.