Friday, June 22, 2007

Knock on wood.....

that nothing else breaks this summer. Thank goodness that we got that portable air conditioner (that I can highly recommend) because the upstairs air conditioner compressor broke. That means no conditioned air upstairs. A new air conditioner is due to be put in today. Luckily, downstairs is nice and cool. I have been busy dealing with repair men and children. I haven't maimed or killed anyone...yet. When does school start back?? Ahhh poop, not until the second week of August. I think I can....make it until then without my head exploding (Orudis take me away).

Knitting -

I was working away on my baby sock during the aforementioned craziness and was about to start the heel when I noticed that instead of working the broken rib stitch I was just doing a 2 x 2 rib. I was going to rip back and start that section again, but I just cut the yarn and began again. The cast on looks better and I'm more pleased with the beginning of the new 2nd sock. I'll do pictures again when I turn the heel.

I'm also excited that I'm part of the Dish Rag Tag. This is going to be so much fun. Emily is shocked so many want to take part, but I'm not. Socks are great and who doesn't want a pair, but they are work intensive. Dish rags are faster and easier. No knitting in the round or sizing concerns. The only bad thing about dish rags are that they are meant for that four letter word - cleaning. Who wouldn't want to join such a fun knit game??

Reading -

The new Janet Evanovich book Lean Mean Thirteen is out. If you have not read this series, I highly recommend it. The series is about Stephanie Plum and her antics as a bail bond enforcement agent. They are better read in order as the characters interact and grow with one another in each successive book. These books are a really fast read. Also, if you choose to read these know that you will be smiling and laughing out loud and might have to explain to others that the book is just really funny (also, you might want to be care full about drinking while reading these books - coffee or coke stains on the pages and surrounding area could be a hazard).

Family -

Other than dealing with all the other craziness, my baby sister moved to San Antonio, TX on Wednesday. Tuesday, we trekked to my parents house in Gadsden for her husband's congratulations on graduating dental school and getting residency in oral surgery school and their goodbye party. My brother-in-law M did a deal with the Air Force in which they paid for the last 3 years of dental school and he owed them 3 years of (dental) service. But, he was accepted as one of 3 for their oral surgery students and now he'll be in school with the Air Force for another 3 years and then serve his 3 owed years. A (sister) and M will need all the prayers they can get as they also have a 1 year old daughter AB and no family in the area.

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Yarn Collectors Anonymous said...

Sounds like a stressful time indeed!!! Hope the AC gets repaired....staying cool definitely helps coping skills when it is as hot as it is here!!